About us


Ian and Janice Anthonisz were in Sri Lanka at the time of the Tsunami, on that fateful day in December 2004. They witnessed some of the devastation and the casualties that followed. On their return to the UK they joined with their long-time friends Rosemarie and Colin Bray who immediately accompanied them to visit Sri Lanka at the next available opportunity in March 2005 and founded the “Once in a Lifetime Charity” immediately on their return to the UK.

OIAL is a non-political and non-profit making organisation and its original aim was to help rebuild he lives of people who lost everything from the disaster in almost the whole of Sri Lanka, it has now moved on to help with the relief of poverty and assist in worthwhile causes in the rural areas. It got its approved charitable status in January 2006.

All of the committee and any volunteers give their services totally free of charge and do not get paid for any expenses they incur, which means that 100% of any donations they receive go to their charitable causes.

‘Once in a Lifetime Charity’ also aimed to bring together people of all communities in Sri Lanka and create a mutually beneficial bond. The founders and committee will find a wider range of volunteers and fundraisers and arrange fundraising events and friends will give their services free in order to fund the development of worthy causes.

The Charity is run by the trustees as a council of management and the intention is to continue to broaden the charitable scope of the support which has now moved on into the relief of poverty in the rural areas of Sri Lanka.

The UK committee includes Ian and Janice Anthonisz, Rosemarie and Colin Bray and they are backed up by many helpers in Sri Lanka.

The Charity is dependent on the proceeds of donors, friends, any subscriptions and donations made and the charity has no endowments.


15, Thornton Place,
London, W1H 1FL