News in Detail


OMG - Well - COLIN has done it again! Last time he booked us into a house high up in the mountains and it took yonks to get there and the drive was hairy but nothing compared to this experience today.  No wonder we now are on the local Vodka/Tonics bought locally as this is a beautiful private house but more about that in a minute.  Firstly, we couldn’t find the house and we waited in our van until the Manager of the house turned up to guide us - (the owner lives in Singapore) - we followed him for a while and turned off into a single track narrow lane - all was fine for about 1 mile but after that the road climbed steeply and suddenly it was full of rocks and no way could our van go any further - immediately left was a deep gorge with a big River in full flood after the torrential rains.  The van skidded - COLIN shouted and I said the Rosary & we immediately decided to reverse back down the hill - all this took about half an hour and we ended up parking by somebody’s house!  We then clamboured into the Managers 4xwheel drive & all hell broke loose as the local leeches attacked us all - wished I had a camera - we didn’t know those little mites can zoom up your leg so speedily and my lovely boy had one clinging to one of his very important bits - he stripped off his clothes - pulled a few off and honestly had difficulty stemming the blood flow!  What a fiasco - our lovely driver was holding on to his private parts and I just could not stop laughing!   I only had 2 clinging to me - they obviously don’t like fair skin thank God!  All joking aside it wasn’t very funny but we now can relax and laugh.  Although it was a nightmare this house is one gorgeous contemporary dwelling with a fantastic view - house has a Manager / a cook and the owners Mother hiding somewhere - haven’t met her yet - the view up and down the River is stunning.   Here for 3 nights and each day we will have to get a Tuk-tuk down to our parked van to enable us to carry on with our work - the rains are a real pain and sadly for a further 3 days we will have to endure getting drenched!!!  After that we are in the dry area.


15, Thornton Place,
London, W1H 1FL